Elchin Ali-zade
Marketing specialist, curator, art events organizer, gallerist
15 years of experience in digital marketing. Worked in large international agencies with top-level clients including Sberbank, Gazprom Neft, Megafon & Beeline

6 years of experience in contemporary art including full production of large art fairs. Runs his own online gallery & publishing house Format1.net
Job experience (MARKETING)

01.2018-02.2019: Wavemaker (GroupM)
Digital Client Service Director
1. Digital transformation (back-office mediaplanners -> client-facing digital managers)
2. Client relationship development
3. Major clients top-level accounting
4. More than 50 internal (all-staff) and external (clients) trainings on digital disciplines and client service
5. Top-level clients' ad spend commitments supervision
6. More than 20 digital strategies development & client presentations
7. Proprietary products/solutions/services development
8. Client-by-client plan development (upsale, new products/services, billing increase, etc.)
9. Network communication and global international meetings arrangement and participation
10. GroupM conferences (NextM and others) - program creation, participation as a speaker, etc.
11. Participation in numerous industrial events as a speaker on behalf of GroupM / Wavemaker
Clients (65% network, 35% local):
EFES/SabMiller, Karcher, J&J, BDF, IKEA, Citibank, Brita, Blizzard/Activision, Campina, Gazprom Neft, Paramount/Central Partnership, Colgate-Palmolive/Hills, Pfizer, etc.

11.2009-12.2017: Maxus (GroupM)
Head of Interaction Planning/Buying -> Head of Digital (since 07.2013)
1. Creation of Digital Department from scratch (from 3 mediaplanners to 35 employees and 6 sub-departments: Planning, Buying, SMM&Special Projects, SEM, Digital Strategy & Research, Programmatic)
2. Hiring & training the employees, personal development plans for everyone
3. Commitments with large sales houses & clients negotiation
4. Planning & Buying guidelines development
5. Client relationship development
6. Digital strategies & ecosystems development
7. New Business
8. Daily communication with the network on various topics
9. Special projects creation, negotiation & execution, etc.
Clients (80% local / 20% network):
Renaissance Insurance, EFES/SabMiller, Sberbank, WBD/PEPSICo, Karcher, Fiat/Chrysler, Gazprom Neft, Beeline, etc.

10.2008-02.2009: Openspace.ru
Head of Sales
1. Development of sales strategy & materials
2. Sales department employees goal settings & supervision
3. New business & sales
4. Accounting
5. Special projects creation, negotiation & execution
Google, Audemars Piguet, Volvo, ROLF, BMW, etc.

01.2006-10.2008: Victory SA (SUP fabric)
Mediaplanner -> Senior Mediaplanner -> Mediadirector
1. Mediaplanning
2. Mediabuying
3. Special projects
4. Team hire & development
Jamilco (Levi's, Naf Naf, Chevignon etc), SabMiller (Miller, VelKo, Redd's etc), "Yabloko" (political party), Reckitt Benckiser, SunInBev (Stella Artois, etc)

Job experience (ART)

2014-now: Format1.net
Online gallery and a publishing house for limited art editions by Russian contemporary urban artists. Since 2014, the gallery, together with artists, has been practicing modern and traditional methods of art printing on paper, publishing limited art editions and producing cultural and educational initiatives related to contemporary urban culture and art printing.
1. Curation and co-creation of more that 100 limited art editions by 50+ contemporary Russian artists. 60 of the editions are sold-out already. 30% of orders comes from abroad.
2. Full control on hand-made production process (silkscreen, lithograph, linocut, ceramics etc.) including print studios assessment, paper selection, edition size, hand-made color mixing, additional material selection etc.
3. Website development and updates
4. Participation in numerous art fairs and forums including Cosmoscow (2018, 2019, 2020), ArtWerk (2018, 2019) and other events as exhibitor and speaker
5. Murals and art-festivals curation and production control for VDNH, Stankolit, MPZ Kazakova etc.
6. Graffiti and street-art jams production
7. Freelance projects related to contemporary art (e.g. part of educational program for VII Moscow international biennale for young art)
8. Exhibitions curation and execution

2014-now: Print-market Vkus Bumagi (horizontal non-hierarchical organization)
Co-creator, Organizer
Print-market is a cultural initiative supporting artists, studios, galleries and publishing houses working with limited art editions and art-printing.
1. Organizing largest event in Russia dedicated to hand-made limited art editions. 9 markets with up to 20000 visitors, up to 100 participants (galleries, print-studios, artists) and up to 4000 prints exhibited during weekend
2. Participants: open-call, selection, development
3. Educational program development (public talks, hand printing workshops, round tables, lections etc)
4. Mobile inventory for exhibition development and production
5. Exhibition set-up and dismantling
6. Volunteer search and coordination
7. Special projects with partners
8. PR & advertising,
9. Content creation and supervision
10. Social media management
11. Parallel off-market program development & execution (such as art printing residency for artists and special projects with media)
12. Partners search
13. Year-round negotiations & communication with venues, partners (e.g. Winzavod, Garage MCA), universities, studios, artists, galleries including document flow, tech-specs, joint projects, content plans etc.
14. Charity partners search & sales implementation

2018-now: Supermarket (horizontal non-hierarchical organization)
Co-creator, Organizer
Supermarket is an art fair dedicated to young contemporary artists (paintings, sculptures, performances, installations etc.). There were 2 markets, both held in Tsvetnoy Central Market
1. The same list of responsibilities as described for the Print-market above
Projects gallery
Format One @ Cosmoscow, 2020
Format One first exhibition, Artplay, 2014
Supermarket @ Tsvetnoy, 2019
Print-market @ GARAGE MCA, 2019
Print-market @ DI Telegraph, 2018
Format One first exhibition @ ARTPLAY, 2014
Print-market @ DI Telegraph, 2018
Print-market @ DI Telegraph, 2018
Supermarket @ Tsvetnoy, 2018
Supermarket @ Tsvetnoy, 2018
Print-market @ Winzavod, 2016
Print-market @ Winzavod, 2016
Print-market @ Winzavod, 2019
Print-market @ Winzavod, 2019
Educational background and personal information
Higher education:
1999-2004: MSTU n.a. A.N.Kosygin, IT/ACS, degree
Advanced training:
2006: Yandex Direct, certified internet-advertising specialist
2006: Adriver, certified digital audit specialist
2007: Google Adwords, certified internet-advertising specialist
2009: IELS Malta (Institute of English Language Studies), advanced (C1)
2010: Comscore certified specialist
2019: Tilda site creation - advanced training

+numerous other training on digital advertising, project management, strategy, Kanban, HR, etc.

Citizenship: Russian Federation
Languages: Russian (native), English (fluent)